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ØYSTEIN SEVÅG: Straight from the Heart


Øystein Sevåg is an artist whose recognition exceeded the borders of his native Norway. Born on 19 March 1957 in Bærum, outside of Oslo, he has a very eclectic background reflected into a crossover versatility that effortlessly embraces classical, electronic, jazz-rock, and world music. His style of composing emphasizes structural clarity and spiritual connection, just as in J.S.Bach's work who is Sevåg's most important influence. Although he released few albums during a long career, most of them were highly appreciated at home and abroad. For example, Bridge won the "Indie Award for the Best New Age recording of the year 1996” in the US, and the double CD Karin Boye sånger (a collaboration with his wife, singer and composer Benedicte Torget) was prized „Album of the year 2014” by NOPA, the Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists. It's been quite a long time since Sevåg's last release, so I wondered if he thinks of going back to the studio for recording a new album. Well, his answer is positive and the waiting will end in a not-so-distant future. Find out more about the new project and many other topics by listening to this extensive audio interview that explores Øystein Sevåg's life in the service of Music.

audio interview (40 min.) + music mix (66 min.)

Photo Credits: Morten Haug (article picture), Peder Torget (player picture).



ØYSTEIN SEVÅG : Facebook page


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