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ASURA: Really Human


Note: although the show is presented in Romanian, the interview with Charles Farewell is in English and can be heard starting at 2:50 in the podcast.

Dakini Festival 2018 ended but the magical ambiance created in Tuzla, Romania for 5 days persists in the souls of many participants. A community begins to outline itself around this musical and spiritual event. Beautiful people of various nationalities and cultures came to the Black Sea coastline attracted by the variety and value of the artists invited to play. There is no local equivalent for the lineup proposed by Dakini. The perseverance and hard work of the organizers are admirable. In the second edition of Dakini Festival, I had the opportunity to record several interviews with amazing artists. The first one is with ASURA. The project of Charles Farewell is a link between classical space music and Psybient. Very easily, off the record, we started a passionate discussion about the early masters of the genre. I was very happy to discover that Charles is a serious connoisseur of the electronic music composed in the 70s. He assimilated many influences from the works of Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream. Learning from the pioneers and developing his own style, Charles Farewell became himself a pioneer for a new generation of listeners. It was a real pleasure to record an interview with him for the show!


ASURA on Ultimae Records:


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