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ERIK WØLLO: Soundstreams Convergence


Born in Hemsedal, the „Scandinavian Alps”, Erik Wøllo is best known for making evocative ambient music using atmospheric guitars and synthesizers. From his Wintergarden Studio, Wøllo offers plenty of warm vibes and tones to resonate with during chilled or introspection moments. The Norwegian artist has been playing and recording professionally since 1980. His creativity covers a wide range of styles, from electronic music albums and jazz-rock collaborations to works written for string quartets and large orchestras.

Wøllo's early effort Traces (1985) marked a milestone in his career, generating enthusiastic reactions from audiences and artists alike. For example, Steve Roach has appreciated Traces as one of his all-time favorites and `a truly timeless piece of beauty.`

The worldwide recognition came along a consistent activity materialized in more than 40 commercial and production music albums and plenty of concerts across Europe, the USA, and Canada. In addition to his solo endeavor, Wøllo enjoys collaborating with fellow artists like Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, Ian Boddy, or Bernhard Wöstheinrich.

His newest partnership is with the American master Michael Stearns. With the release of 'Convergence', they have taken a significant step forward in exploring new and promising ambient vistas.

My interview with Erik gravitates around this collaborative album and connects the present achievements with some essential moments of his career.

(audio interview 15 min + music mix 64 min)



ERIK WOLLO Bandcamp page:


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