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LOGICAL ELEMENTS: cosmic tales for curious minds


Logical Elements is Ioan Macovei's ambient project started in 2003. Born in Iași, the second-largest city in Romania and capital of the historical region of Moldavia, he began composing music under the influence of Ambient Space and New Age artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Steve Roach, Thom Brennan, and Numina. Most of his recordings are released by Melusine Records and Blue Tunes Chillout label. Also, Ioan is a member of the Psykapnobatai team, an agency/label promoting Psychedelic Art and Music.

Logical Elements music is a medium for the formless melancholy and introspective exploration of vast cosmic soundscapes. Rich in crystalline harmonies and steady pulses laid over bright drones, it sounds like the artist is snatching hidden echoes out of the very ether while a world of microscopic detail flashes into focus. He succeeds to gently move the listeners' attention from concrete to abstract, from mental rumination to spiritual meditation. Let's immerse ourselves into the soundworlds of Logical Elements! (Note: audio interview in Romanian only).


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