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SOLACE: artist profile

Solace is the musical project of Jeremiah M. Soto, a versatile percussionist and composer of progressive world music, ambient, and tribal belly dance albums. Born on November 4th, 1968, in California, Soto began writing music at the age of 14 and studied Music Theory and Piano at Crafton Hills College. Between 1992 and 1995, along with Dann Torres formed the group Eventide, fusing Medieval and Middle Eastern music. The name would later be used for Soto's record label, Eventide Music Productions. The solo project Solace started in 1995 with the excellent debut album „Rhythm of the Dance”. Since then, his music was licensed for movies, TV, video games, belly dance DVDs, and numerous compilations. We explore Solace's fascinating soundworld in a new artist profile edition of `Journeys to the Infinite`.

Note: presentation in Romanian.


SOLACE on Bandcamp:


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