Welcome to „Journeys to the Infinite”!


This show was broadcast for the first time in February 1992 on FUN Radio Bucharest and migrated to RFI Romania (the local branch of Radio France Internationale) in 2005. With various pauses since 2008, the editorial project has been transformed from a radio program into a podcast series. Initially targeting the Romanian public, the show has gradually broadened its geographical range and audience. This is the reason for a bilingual approach. However, music knows no borders and is deeply embedded in our human nature. It flows and transcends the ephemeral and arbitrary limits, it inspires a sense of unity and timelessness. Here we embrace a complex web of styles and sonic ideas, from the traditional to the experimental. Beyond this diversity, music remains a vehicle for inner exploration, self-expression, and communion. On a personal level, „Journeys to the Infinite” is a manifestation of my commitment to promoting Ambient, Psychill, Classical Electronic Music, New Age, and World-Fusion genres. Listen to interviews with great artists and producers, discover new sounds and enjoy the Journey!  


Musically yours,

Marius-Christian Burcea

„An honor to be interviewed by you and share the deeper aspects of all that is emerging right now. Your creative flow with the thoughtful questions and music mix makes for a powerful blend that delivers something special not often experienced in interviews.” (STEVE ROACH)

„The questions were deep and insightful. Great editing, great website presentation as well.” (JONN SERRIE)

„I love the title of your show because that is what the world needs now: a slowing down to combat all the noise and the speed of this age. What you are doing is a great thing, presenting ambient and contemplative space music .” (AL GROMER KHAN)