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I came back from Dakini Festival 2019 with new impressions, beautiful memories, and some precious interviews. Again, for the 3rd edition, the line-up proposed by the organizers is stellar. Headlining the festival were Gaudi, Deep Forest, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Sync24, Aes Dana, Eat Static, Suduaya, The Spy from Cairo, Ajja, Avalon, Filteria, and Captain Hook. The event took place on the Romanian shore of the Black Sea, on Tuzla beach in Constanta. Also, for me, the experience was a journalistic opportunity, a chance to have direct meetings and recorded conversations with the artists.

One of the finest moments was interviewing the Swedish duo Carbon Based Lifeforms (CBL). In this episode we will find out from Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Vadestrid how they manage to work so well after 28 years of activity, about their hobbies, we will advance an estimated date for the new CBL album, will discover the differences between CBL and SYNC24 (the solo project of Daniel) and other details from the sonic laboratory of one of the most beloved projects in the history of ambient music.

audio interview (12 min.) + music mix (42 min.)


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