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DEEP FOREST : Eric Mouquet, the wizard of sounds


Note: although the show is presented in Romanian, the interview with Eric Mouquet of Deep Forest is in English and can be heard starting at minute 2:02 in the podcast.

A gentle figure framed by blond hair, a face illuminated by a warm smile and light blue eyes. He looks like a white magus descended from legends and disguised as a modern minstrel. He speaks English in a way that instantly betrays his origins. The charming French accent is like an ornament of his voice. For the first time in Romania, he enjoys the Black Sea view while focusing on stage responsibilities. The modesty and affable attitude almost made me forget that I have a Grammy-winning artist in front of me.

This is how I met Eric Mouquet, the man in charge of Deep Forest from 1992 to the present.

The interview I made with him at Tuzla beach, albeit short, includes plenty of interesting information about the past and present of this very influential project in electronic world music. The Deep Forest & Gaudi concert on June 29th was one of the most awaited moments of Dakini festival 2019. Generation X, Y, Z, or whatever, we all felt through music closer to Nature and to each other.



DEEP FOREST on Bandcamp:


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