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IRFAN : from roots to Infinity


Note: although the show is presented in Romanian, the interview with IRFAN's Kalin Yordanov is in English and can be heard starting at 2:40 in the podcast.

The Bulgarian band IRFAN successfully completed the European tour presenting the new album "Roots". The live itinerary debuted in Leipzig on November 20 and ended in Sofia last week. I met IRFAN in Bucharest where they performed at Quantic Club on December 7. The carefully crafted setlist included songs, both old and new, from their small but precious discography. Deeply rooted in Balkan folk traditions and the sacred music of Europe and the Middle East, the art of IRFAN is a contemporary gateway to archaic ways of living and knowing. The echoes of Byzantine music, Medieval songs and Ancient Mediterranean heritage blossoms in intricate arrangements and perennial intuitions. Experiencing live their sound brings you closer to a timeless vision of unity and spiritual freedom, a message we all need to hear and remember.

It was a joyful opportunity to sat down with the band co-founder Kalin Yordanov for a backstage talk about IRFAN. Thanks to Final Step Productions and Cavalleria Events for organizing this special concert!



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