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IRINA MIKHAILOVA: One Voice, Many Roots


Note : Although the podcast is presented in Romanian, the interview with Irina Mikhailova is in English and can be heard starting at 2:42.

Irina Mikhailova has participated at the inaugural edition of Dakini Festival with 4 superb, solo and collaborative, live acts, thus being the artist with the longest presence on the chill stage of the event. Ceremonial and meditative or exuberant and sensual, Irina has generously maintained a captivating musical ambiance. I was so happy to listen to her, to dance on her songs and interview her for "Journeys to the Infinite." Her music was the first time broadcast in Romania on this show. It was in the early 2000s (I was then a DJ at FUN Radio and played on-air her recordings with Lumin and Medicine Drum). So, although I first met her this summer at Tuzla beach, the feeling of familiarity has always accompanied me during our interview. I am pleased to have Irina Mikhailova in person on our show.




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