ISTVAN SKY: The songs of Butterfly Man


Most of us are discovering Istvan Sky through "The Song of The Butterfly", a collaboration with Estas Tonne, Pablo Arellano, and Indre Kuliesswift. The song has over 16 million views on Youtube (gathered on two channels), an unusual score for this genre. Simply reading the comments of the video gives you a mirror of the experiences that the music inspires: calm, love, beatitude. The roots of Istvan Sky's art springs from the deep soil of Shamanic, Tibetan, Indian and Hungarian folklore traditions. However, the essential inspiration comes from his spiritual practice, music being part of it. The voice is Istvan's most powerful instrument, both musical and therapeutic. From contemplative verses to mantras and overtone chanting, Istvan Sky's interpretations never cease to amaze, with tonal versatility and colorful vocal spectrum. His home, near Lake Balaton in Hungary, is a natural sanctuary in which life, music, and silence interweave harmoniously. Although he gives the impression of a hermit, Istvan Sky enjoys the company of many visitors and the audience he encounters at festivals. At Dakini Festival 2019 I have listened to him in concert and attended one of his workshops about the healing power of sounds. The experience was beautiful and it was completed with the following interview (listen to it in the Mixcloud player). The English spoken by Istvan, while correctable, does not lose its intelligibility. A peculiarity is the use of the present simple even when he is referring to past actions and events. I don't know if it is intended, but I like to think it's the expression of time perceived as one continuous present.



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