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KUKAN DUB LAGAN: Sunshine music for smiling people


Note : although the show is presented in Romanian, the interview with Itay Berger is in English and can be heard starting at minute 1:40 in the podcast.

On the map of Psy music, Israel had earned a central place. In the late '80s many young Israelis, released from their mandatory military service, traveled almost 42 000 km with the destination of Goa, India's smallest state. Here, the beaches of Anjuna and Baga transformed regularly into party scenes where psy music, dancing, psychedelics, and Oriental mysticism catalyzed communal experiences and acts of radical self-expression. The successor of the Hippie movement, the Goa subculture quickly propagated to Israel as an antidote to the conflicting climate that dominated the Mediterranean country. Shows dedicated to the genre aired on local stations in Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva and Haifa and the phenomenon gained popularity beyond the Underground. In the desert, forest or on the beach, Psy parties in Israel were open invitations to emotional and spiritual catharsis.

Itay Berger (Kukan Dub Lagan, Sorian) grew in this environment and is involved in the development of the local and international Psy scene. It is, incidentally, the first Psychill artist in Israel to have performed in the West and one of the most important managers you'll find in the major European Psy festival circuit.

In Romania, Itay was present at all of Dakini Festival editions. Although a discreet participant, I noticed him as the music agent responsible for most of the artists performing on the Chill-out stage. I admired his warm approach and professional attitude, always making sure that the wheels of the event turn smoothly, taking care of lots of details in order to ensure that the concerts go off without a hitch. More than that, it was a pleasant occasion to rediscover him as an artist and DJ with a well-crafted style and meaningful message.


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