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( 1992-2022,♾️)

Here we are at the 30th anniversary of Journeys to the Infinite, a show dedicated to promoting Ambient, Space, Progressive Electronic, New Age, World-Fusion, and Contemporary Instrumental styles. All these labels are more limits than indicators of a sonic multiverse carrying ideas and emotions beyond mere entertainment, challenging us to discover and integrate new ways of experiencing music. This project, launched in Romania in 1992, is now reaching listeners from all over the world. Celebrating this achievement, I will tell you in this episode the story of the show from a personal perspective. In the second part, some very special guests will communicate congratulatory messages which, together with their music, will reflect the background and evolution of Journeys to the Infinite over three decades.

I am grateful for the essential contribution to this anniversary episode to Suzanne Ciani, Andreas Vollenweider, Øystein Sevåg, Deuter, Tangerine Dream's Thorsten Quaeschning, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Ian Boddy, Charles Farewell (Asura), Irina Mikhailova, Piers Oak-Rhind (Entheogenic), Jef Stott, and Kalin Yordanov (Irfan).

Heartfelt thanks to you, our listeners, and wishing you a beautiful transition to 2023!


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