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KALYA SCINTILLA & EVE OLUTION : Tomorrow as Yesterday like a Spark


Note: although the show is presented in Romanian, the interview with Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution is in English and can be heard starting at 3:50 in the podcast. Due to the proximity of two stages, surrounded by bumping low-frequency sounds, the technical quality of the interview is slightly affected, but I hope you will enjoy the recording as it is.

Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution are my special guests for the last interview recorded at Dakini Festival 2018. The two artists are partners in music and life. This year they have embarked on a demanding live marathon with no less than 91 tour dates all over the world. Yaegon Lamagaia, the mastermind of Kalya Scintilla and MerKaBa projects, carved out a strong reputation in psychedelic music culture. The Australian producer has pioneered a Mid-tempo Bass style that is instantly recognizable for its deep grooves, futuristic spacey synths, and persuasive rhythms. He pushes the boundaries of sound with a bold spirit and an uncompromising attitude toward inner values. Eve Olution shares her magic stories as a form of live embodied art anchored in archetypal symbolism. She channels the Divine Feminine in dances and theatrical impersonation. The process of communication between her and the audience manifests as a dynamic flow of energy and information codes.

In the interview recorded for „Journeys to the Infinite” show, Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution deliver some insights from their creative partnership grounded in kindred vision and love.





00:00-03:50 Intro

03:50-14:15 Interview KALYA SCINTILLA & EVE OLUTION

14:16-16:57 Intro for the music mix

16:58-52:58 Music mix (selected tracks from Kalya Scintilla discography)


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