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KLAADA: new sounds, ancient meanings


The discovery of new and gifted artists is one of the joys I like to share with you at "Journeys to the Infinite". Klaada offers such a happy occasion. Since the launching of "Breaking the Cycle" album, the young Croatian artist has surprised us with melodic swirls, consistent production, and ingenious sound designs. Pavle Kladarin, the author of Klaada project, comes from a family of musicians and studied the double bass at the Zagreb Academy of Music. He initially maintained an interest in consciousness studies and esoterism that led him to ambient music for meditation. His step forward was to produce psytrance and psychill, simultaneously exploring folkloric directions (in the Balkalar band) and classical music. All of these elements draw the portrait of a complex artist with rich expressive potential. Klaada is an admirable and very promising appearance on the Psy stage. Our conversation is his first audio interview, a premiere celebrated with two fresh unreleased tracks from his next album.


KLAADA on Bandcamp:


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