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KLAUS SCHULZE: Tribute to a Cosmic Courier


KLAUS SCHULZE departed on his cosmic journey on April 26th, 2022, leaving behind an influential and precious musical legacy. The news of his death has left a void that can be filled only with profound gratitude. I still carry the vivid memory of meeting and interviewing him in 2008 at Loreley, before his concert with Lisa Gerrard. His charismatic smile and jovial mood made a strong impression on me, in contrast to the mental image built up from listening to his albums. The creator of those serious electronic opuses, full of mystery and strange beauty, radiated a kind of innocence, a childlike quality, and an affable attitude. This apparent contradiction revealed a luminous complementarity between the man and his work. He was the musical hero of my teenage years since I first heard the masterpiece Timewind. So, this tribute episode is born out of a labor of love.

To pay tribute to the Berlin School Master, I have avoided listing his accomplishments or going into technical details about the electronic equipment that Schulze has used over his more than 50 years of career. Instead, I have chosen to interview three highly-esteemed artists who met, collaborated with, or have been influenced by him: MICHAEL SHRIEVE, STEVE ROACH, and BERND KISTENMACHER. In the second part of the show, there is a musical mix featuring some of Klaus Schulze's best-known compositions.

He is no longer here, but his music will live on to infinity. Rest in peace, Klaus!

Special thanks to Klaus D.Mueller (the manager who supported the 2 years long Klaus Schulze series on our show in the mid-90s) and Michael Schmitz (who made possible the meeting and the interview with the Master).

Full episode (audio interviews, 37 minutes + music mix, 120 minutes):


KLAUS SCHULZE Official Site:



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