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OTT: rewire your musical brain


Note: although the show is presented in Romanian, the interview with OTT is in English and can be heard starting at 4:25 in the podcast).

I introduce myself and tell him that the interview is for a radio show that became just a podcast.

- "Just?!? Just a podcast?! ", he exclaimed. "The radio belongs the past, it's almost dead. Podcasting is the future”, he assured me.

I must admit that these words had a great impact on me and I'm grateful for his encouragement. This dialogue took place right after his first gig in Romania where he was one of the most anticipated artists at Dakini Festival 2018. The British maestro achieved huge popularity in a career that began as a freelance audio engineer before reaching a unique place on the Psy scene with original contributions to the evolution of Dub. Our meeting has proved to be a burst of honesty, cultural exchange, and a good laugh. Ott's sound is psychoactive and tested in the mind laboratories of the listeners. In his words: "music makes the brain explode with joy." I invite you to open your mind and senses to experience the OTT effect in a new edition of "Journeys to the Infinite".



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