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Photographer for KLAUS SCHULZE

The video of the Loreley concert which brought Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard together for the first time on the same stage is available in audio and video formats. For this live album, Klaus chose a name with Wagnerian resonance -"Rheingold". Modern opera? Not exactly. Rheingold is a contemporary adventure into the unknown using myths as a guide. The mysterious Nibelungs, the pagan valkyries, the underground figure of god Wotan reveals themselves with new faces in the work presented by the two great artists. The electronic wizardry of Schulze combined with Lisa's mysterious vocal intonations made a potent formula for an unforgettable musical experience. The album is available in two versions: 2CD and DeLuxe Edition (double CD + double DVD). I was amazed and happy to find some of my photos published in the album's booklet and to see my name credited in the "Photos by" section. I have never imagined that I would contribute to an album by Klaus Schulze, the musical hero of my teenage years and a continuing source of inspiration since then.


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