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SERENA GABRIEL: Songs of Solace and Transformation


Serena Gabriel's work is all about integrating the medicinal benefits of sound into our lives and discovering the profound metamorphosis that occurs when we liberate our own inner music. As a musician, dancer, and healing arts practitioner, Serena creates sacred space with intentional sound and movement that facilitates inner explorations and expanding awareness. She is best known to our audiences for collaborating with Steve Roach, together with whom Serena performed and recorded some of the finest contemporary ambient music for healing and meditation. Her mesmerizing vocals and multi-instrumental abilities gracefully develop and improve with each album. The new release `Seeing Inside` is the latest example of refining the craft, teaming again with sonic master Roach to deliver an immersive journey of solace and transformation. In this interview, the Arizona-based artist shares stories and memories about embracing music as a path of healing and growing, discusses the new offering, and opens up about the mentoring relationship with Steve Roach.

(audio interview 33 min. + music mix 67 min.) / photo credit: Ed Flores


SERENA GABRIEL Official site:



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