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VANGELIS: choral masterworks

In the age of demythification and abandonment of classical values, Vangelis succeeded in creating a majestic musical vision that embraces both modernity and tradition. Though he’s best known for instrumental electronic compositions, Vangelis delivered outstanding opera moments in collaboration with divas like Angela Gheorghiu, Montserrat Caballé, Jessye Norman, and Kathleen Battle, among other great singers. Our focus here is on the works that are representative of Vangelis' approach to writing choral music. Most of them sound thoroughly contemporary, but draw eclectically on the music of other eras, especially of his Greek Heritage, Ancient and Byzantine. On this transmission of „Journeys to the Infinite,” we'll hear examples of his choral style that can be described as enrapturing, glorious, and transcendent, including tracks from `Heaven & Hell`, `Mask`, `El Greco`, and `Mythodea' albums.

Note: the show is presented in Romanian and the mix is starting at minute 5:43 in the podcast.


1. El Greco Part I (from `El Greco` soundtrack)

2. Mythodea (Special Edit - from `Mythodea`)

3. Heaven & Hell Part I (excerpt from `Heaven and Hell`)

4. Light & Shadow (from `Conquest of Paradise` soundtrack)

5. Jerusalem - arr. by Harry Rabinowitz (from `Chariots of Fire` soundtrack)

6. Heaven & Hell Part II (excerpt from `Heaven and Hell`)

7. Chant (from `Alexander` soundtrack)

8. Mythodea Movement VII (from `Mythodea')

9. Mask Movement I (from `Mask')

10.Titans (from `Alexander` soundtrack)

11. Dream of Babylon (from `Alexander` soundtrack)

12. El Greco Movement I (from `El Greco`)

13. El Greco Movement VII (from `El Greco`)

14. Humanum Est (from `Swiadectwo` soundtrack)

15. Hymn - Choral version (from `Portraits ~ So Long Ago So Clear')


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