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ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER: A Nomad in The Land of Imagination


The last interview of 2022 is an opportunity to talk to one of the world's most beloved musical storytellers, Andreas Vollenweider. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, in 1975 he discovered the harp as the instrument of his choice. Vollenweider developed an original style, tailoring the harp according to his needs and expanding its tonal range by electrifying it. He is one of the few musicians to gain superstar status as a "new age artist" in the 80s but quickly transcended the category when his albums simultaneously broached pop, jazz, and classical charts. Despite increasing commercial success, Vollenweider maintained his ability to broaden his scope as a composer while keeping his trademark sound intact for more than 40 years. After a lengthy hiatus, Vollenweider released the novel `Im Spiegel der Venus,` and two albums: `Quiet Places` (2020) and `Slow Flow and Dancer`(2022). In conversation with the Swiss harpist, we learn more about the recent evolution of his art and how this new phase aligns with the whole of his amazing career so far. But one thing for sure is that Vollenweider remains dedicated to his mission of revealing through music the positive forces at work in our lives, even in the most troubled times. For him, music is a source of resilience and inspiration that gives us the energy and motivation to realize our dreams.

audio interview 27 min. + music mix 64 min.




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