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BYRON METCALF: a new `Journeys to the Infinite` digital album

"Journeys to the Infinite - Rhythms of the Shaman's Heart" is the new digital album by the award-winning musician and Shamanic percussionist Byron Metcalf. This compilation, as the title suggests, consists of the playlist created as a musical companion to the interview with Byron presented on my show. The album is offered as a name-your-price download but, please take into consideration that today, Friday, Sept 4th, Bandcamp is again waiving fees to support artists and musicians during these challenging times.

It's the second album that got the title and tracklist from our podcast, after Steve Roach's 2020 compilation `Journeys to the Infinite`.

If you didn't listened to the episode featuring Byron Metcalf as the special guest, check it out here:

Here is Byron Metcalf's new offering on Bandcamp:


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