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BYRON METCALF: Rhythms of the Shaman's Heart


At once magician and medicine man, musician and healer, the shaman is concerned with the authentic and intimate nature of reality. As an intermediary between the sacred and the profane, the shaman opens the way for us to reconnect with the whole. In the area of shamanic drumming, Byron Metcalf is holding a lightning bolt and sheds an unmistakable light. His music emanates from a deeply trustworthy source, from a vast experience encompassing more than 30 years of dedicated practice and research. An award-winning artist and acclaimed percussionist, he takes us with each album on sonic travels into expanded states of consciousness that promote healing and truthfulness.

From his outstanding debut `Helpers, Guides and Allies', his numerous recordings with Ambient pioneer Steve Roach until his new collaboration with singer Jennifer Grais on `Sacrament', Byron Metcalf has created a vibrant musical vision that mirrors the coalescence of ancient knowledge and modern consciousness studies.

Although we're going through a difficult time on a global scale, we strongly believe in the therapeutical value of art and human connection. So, I caught up with Byron for a discussion about the many facets of his musical journey and the benefits of drumming. I hope you enjoy our interview and the accompanying mix .


BYRON METCALF Official Site:


Audio interview (31 min) + Music mix (58 min).


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