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CG DEUTER: As far as the ear can listen


If you like New Age music, most probably you have listened to at least one album by CG Deuter, a founding figure of the genre.

At this moment, his discography includes almost 70 albums, culminating with the new release `Song of the Last Tree`.

Born in postwar Germany, CG Deuter spent most of his life traveling and making music. He learned by himself to play the flute, guitar, harmonica, and many other ethnic instruments acquired during his trips. Synthesizers are also present, but almost always in combination with acoustic sounds. After early experimentation with Krautrock, CG Deuter developed a style that later would be considered New Age due to its inherent spiritual core. The way of working with sounds and silence is captured in his lifelong motto: `As far as the ear can listen`. He was the first who put out an album with music and nature sounds, opening a path that would be largely explored later on by many. For his undeniable pioneering role, Deuter received in 2016 a ZMR Lifetime Achievement Award.

We celebrate the 50th Anniversary of his debut as a recording artist (the album `D` was made in 1970 and released in 1971 on the Kuckuck label) with a rare audio interview that offers a few glimpses of his musical life.

Note: many thanks to Michael Houlihan for facilitating this special interview project.

audio interview (18 min.) + music mix (75 min.)


CG DEUTER - Official Site:


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