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ENTHEOGENIC : The Universal Symbiosis


ENTHEOGENIC is one of the essential names at the foundation of Psybient / Psychill music, starting in the late 90s and continuing to these days. Initially a duo, the project is now the sonic endeavor of Piers Oak-Rhind, a sound designer, programmer, and musician born in England but living in New York. His albums often blend ethnic elements and modern production techniques to create rich thematic soundscapes infused with psychedelic effects.

The term "entheogenic" itself, derived from the Greek word entheos (meaning "god within"), refers to substances able to provoke mystical experiences and evoke feelings of spiritual significance. In this case, music is this very substance aiming to create a sense of inner exploration and universal symbiosis. Piers Oak-Rhind rarely gives interviews, but this time agreed to discuss the new album Oddiyana and the musical journey of the Entheogenic project for the first episode of Journeys to the Infinite show in 2024.

audio interview (22 min.) + music mix (60 min.)


ENTHEOGENIC Bandcamp page:


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