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FRORE: Into The Nameless Biome

(audio interview + music mix)

Frore is the ambient music project of Paul Casper, a Virginia-based artist always seeking to fuse what he calls "primitive sounds" with current technology.

If you love the music of Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana then you'll be in familiar territory listening to Frore's albums. Best known for his collaborations with Shane Morris (Horizon, Eclipse, Blood Moon), Frore has recorded several solo albums that reveal immense talent and ingenuity in shaping complex electronic topographies. The synthetic premise of his style is given organic expression through combinations of ethnic elements, tribal percussion, and trance-inducing flutes. Frore's music resembles a psychedelic experience in which the dissolution of fragmented perceptions opens our minds to a vision of interconnectedness and multidimensionality.

In the following interview, he discusses his newest album, Biome, and his musical itinerary in pursuit of Awe. The second part of the episode consists of a mix of selected tracks from Frore's works.

(audio interview 22 min + music mix 53 min.)



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