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HANS CHRISTIAN: The Rasa of Cello and Other Yearnings


Born and raised in Germany, Hans Christian started playing the cello at a young age. He was drawn to the instrument's rich and expressive tone and quickly developed a passion for playing it. As he honed his skills as a cellist, he also began experimenting with other instruments and exploring different genres. At age 21 Hans moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a bass player and cellist and he eventually played with some top-level artists live, on TV, and in recording studios. After six years he moved to the San Francisco area where he started to produce artists in the chant/devotional music genres and formed the band RASA together with singer Kim Waters. This band recorded six albums that are rooted in Indian devotional love songs from the Vaishnava tradition, sung in Bengali and arranged with Western and Indian influences. Hans Christian has also worked with many other notable artists, including Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal, Tina Malia, Donna DeLory, and many others. His technical skills and musical sensitivity have garnered him a worldwide following and whether performing on stage or producing in the studio, Hans Christian is a true master of his craft, and his contributions are truly inspiring.

In this interview for Journeys to the Infinite, he delves into the making of the new album Ocean Dreaming Ocean - a posthumous collaboration with the Grammy-winning artist David Darling - shares some key moments from his life dedicated to Music, and talks about the importance of staying engaged in an overwhelming world. Enjoy the interview, and don't miss the music mix that follows our discussion.

audio interview (23 min.) + music mix (56 min.)




HANS CHRISTIAN's Studio 330:


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