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JEF STOTT: Ethnotronica for globetrotters


The driving sound of San Francisco Bay Area’s multi-cultural scene cuts right through Jef Stott's music. His exotic blend of global electronica brews up an amalgam of styles that encompass ethnic sounds from North Africa, India, and the Balkans, but mostly the unmistakable mystique of the Middle East. His world travels and studies in Anthropology and New Media have broadened his artistic experience. As a multi-instrumentalist with advanced music production skills, Jef Stott showcases wide-ranging capabilities with playing and recording memorable tracks. He was involved in Stellamara and Lumin projects before starting an exciting solo career. Albums like `Saracen` and `Arcana`, both released on Six Degrees label, prove his gift for crafting rich soundworlds that promote peace and appreciation through cultural awareness. He has been credited with numerous remixes for top-notch artists such as Natacha Atlas, Azam Ali, and Desert Dwellers. Also, Jef Stott is the host of World is Sound series, a travel video channel that explores musical cultures from around the world.

I caught up with Jef Stott to discuss his career path, his thoughts on the current state of the global bass scene, his Burning Man love story, and a lot more.


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