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JEFF PEARCE: Lingering Chords and Resonant Spaces


Starting with the 80s, many guitarists began exploring the realm of ambient music. There is a wide range of approaches to Ambient guitar, from serene and meditative to dark and ominous. Regardless of style, the ethos is the same as in the entire genre: less is more. The guitarists can craft stunning soundscapes from simple, clean chords with a few effects. Adding smart amounts of delay, reverb, loops, and amplification can conduct to results that make the guitar sound more like a synthesizer than a string instrument.

If Space is your game, Jeff Pearce is the name. His exquisite guitar playing resonates with cosmic vistas and timeless nostalgia of the Infinite. Despite his sometimes celestial style, I discovered in Jeff Pearce a very down-to-earth person endowed with a good sense of humor. It is a pleasure to feature him in our interview collection. I hope you will enjoy Jeff Pearce's thoughts and music on Journeys to the Infinite.

Audio Interview (29 min.) + Music mix (48 min.)


JEFF PEARCE Official site:


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