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JONN SERRIE: Cruising the Cosmic Vistas


Jonn Serrie is a legend of Space Music responsible for opening new directions in the genre. A lot of space albums propose a cold, technical approach, but his work brings out a softer, luminous, and even romantic side of the cosmos. Serrie's music speaks the language of stars translated into human emotions and imagination. His musical career begun in the ’70s, demonstrating synthesizer technology for Electronic Music Laboratories, a Connecticut-based manufacturing and research facility.

He recorded an extensive library of planetarium music before becoming a highly esteemed and successful composer of electronic music.

His boyhood love for stargazing and aviation has been fulfilled in later years as a search and rescue pilot who flew for the U.S. Air Force. The combination of being both an aircraft pilot and a composer is an ideal formula for creating space music. Serrie's beautiful soundscapes mirror the glorious mystery of the celestial realms, more wondrous than we can fathom while exploring a sense of ourselves and our place in the Universe. In this episode of our show, we will let our souls out to the stars following Jonn Serrie's journey to the Infinite.

20 min. audio interview + 73 min. music mix



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