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LINDA KOHANOV: Riding Between The Worlds of Sound


A bestselling author and teacher, Linda Kohanov gained an excellent reputation for her contributions to Equine Experiential Learning and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. After years of personally experiencing the intuitive connection between humans and horses, Kohanov's insights crystallized into an innovative approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Healing. She wrote The Tao of Equus, The Power of the Herd, Riding Between the Worlds, and other books presenting a theoretical and practical groundwork called „the way of the horse.”

Before exploring equine wisdom in relation to human development, she was an internationally recognized music critic and radio producer.

In the following interview, Linda discusses the importance of music in her life and work, talks about her marriage to Ambient pioneer Steve Roach, reveals some first-hand experiences from meeting and interviewing some illustrious musicians, and comments on the challenges of expanding her artistic skills from instrumentalist to composer.

And since I'm publishing this interview today, I'd like to take the opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to Steve Roach! Gratitude for the Music!

audio interview 45 min. + music mix 53 min.


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