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LOREN NERELL: The Art of Ambient Gamelan


For most Ambient Music fans, the name of Loren Nerell instantly resonates with the soundscapes and mythology of the islands of Java and Bali. That's because his style is deeply rooted in Indonesia's unique indigenous musical traditions. At the core of Loren's music is Gamelan, the pitched percussion ensemble music of Indonesia. In the last two centuries, Gamelan has inspired and influenced Western music, from composers like Debussy and Steve Reich to modern electronic music. Loren Nerell spent time in Java and Bali studying native styles of Gamelan music and elaborating an intricate fusion of Gamelan and Ambient music.

He has a rich educational background that includes research into analog synthesis, studies in Anthropology, and Ethnomusicology. For over 35 years, besides his discography, Loren has written music for film, theater, dance, and interactive multi-media. He has performed with the Kronos Quartet and made guest appearances on albums such as Steve Roach's Artifacts, Paul Haslinger's World Without Rules, Djam Karet's Collaborator, and L. Subramaniam's Global Fusion.

In this episode of `Journeys to the Infinite`, the Long-Beach, California-based composer speaks about his new album `The Gong Prophet' and shares his passion for mixing ambient electronica with the sounds and music of Indonesia.

audio interview (22minutes) + music mix (78 minutes)




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