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MARK SEELIG: The Disciple's Path


Mark Seelig is known for his deeply mystical melodies and excellent sessions with percussionist Byron Metcalf and sonic innovator Steve Roach. He has released a few albums over the last 15 years, culminating in "The Disciple's Path", the new solo record available at Projekt label. Seelig incorporates Indian instruments, overtone chanting, and trance-inducing drums to capture in music a glimpse of our primordial transcendent beauty. The German-born artist has dedicated many years to academic studies and clinical training before fully delving into Transpersonal Psychology, Eastern Spirituality, and indigenous ritual traditions. As an initiated seeker and experienced therapist, he likes to approach music as a tool for healing and transformation, opening potent resonant spaces for inner journeys. Although ambitious, the central emphasis on sacred knowledge and non-ordinary states of consciousness is combined with a humble and reverent attitude towards the mysteries of Life.

In this episode of `Journeys to the Infinite', I invite you to discover Mark Seelig's blissful sounds and fascinating story.

Interview (31 min.) + music mix (45 min.)




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