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MICHAEL STEARNS: Soundscapes in the Key of Life


Michael Stearns is a forefather of Ambient music and one of the most original composers and sound designers in the film industry. His work was used in productions for Laserium, NASA, Universal Studios, Paramount, BBC, HBO, National Geographic, and the list could go on and on. Although he is a space music legend, due to the popularity of albums like `Planetary Unfolding' and `Encounter', Stearns became best known for his soundtracks to Ron Fricke’s stunning non-verbal IMAX films „Samsara”, „Baraka” and „Chronos”. Most of his spectacular scores wouldn't be possible without traveling the world and exposing himself to different landscapes, topographies, people, and cultures. During these trips, Stearns has done and collected precious samples and rare location recordings that can be heard in all of his albums. No matter the genre, he enjoys taking the listeners into unique immersive experiences and resonant journeys.

In our interview, Michael Stearns talks about some key career moments, explains his creative approach to composing and sound design, and discusses the impact of technological evolution on his music. Throughout the conversation, we uncovered many interesting stories, including also details about his spiritual interests and personal life. It is a privilege and a joyful opportunity to have him on our show, I hope you'll enjoy this special episode.

(Interview 40 min + music mix 61 min)




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