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PAUL ELLIS: Interior Sequences


Paul Ellis occupies a special place in the Space Music genre due to his elaborate sequencer excursions and impressionistic travelogues. The Berlin School-aficionados feel at home with his work, although Ellis got beyond the imitation game and crafted a personalized approach. Like a modern alchemist, he is focused on the transmutation of sounds by electronic and acoustic means to achieve a perfected expression of some essence hidden in the heart of man and the Cosmos.

I enjoy playing his music on the show since the late 90s but, until now, I didn't have the chance to interview him. So, here it is - Paul Ellis in his own words and music on `Journeys to the Infinite.`

audio interview 30 min. + music mix 69 min.


PAUL ELLIS on Groove Unlimited:

PAUL ELLIS on Spotted Peccary:


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