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ROBERT RICH: The Sonic Poetry of Existence


Robert Rich is a prominent and influential composer of Ambient music, a genre to the evolution of which he contributed directly since 1980. His discography is a statement for innovation challenge and a sonic offering to the great mystery of Life manifested in original recordings that defy discursive meaning and neat categorization. From unfathomable abstract soundscapes to beautiful melodic tracks, Rich's music aesthetics relies on inner experiences where consciousness slips between realms of reality and enters unconventional domains of altered spatial and temporal perception.

Much like his music, Robert Rich's words took me out of the usual time frame, so I ended up with the longest interview ever recorded for `Journeys to the Infinite` show. I'm happy with the outcome. In our talk, music is just the seductive premise for a larger narrative that includes deep and captivating topics like Surrealism, Tarkovsky's cinematography, the practice of embodiment, the importance of asking existential questions, but also we addressed his passion for food and wine. We'll take the long path and walk it with one of the most insightful artists living in our times.

52 min. audio interview + 65 min. music mix




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