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RUDY ADRIAN: A Quest for Nostalgia


On the Ambient map, New Zealand is best-known for two names: David Parsons and Rudy Adrian. While the interview with maestro David Parsons has good chances to unfold this year on our show, at the moment I'm delighted to present you an interview with Rudy Adrian.

He prefers to describe his style as `Atmospheric Music` instead of Ambient Music because the term was hijacked in today's electronica scene by people producing chillout music. Atmospheric music could mean anything from delicate textural soundscapes evocative of his homeland's nature to exhilaratingly deep space explorations. For example, Coastlines, Moonwater, Woodlands, and The Healing Lake are albums that perfectly encapsulate this style. But Rudy Adrian is also admired and sometimes criticized for his offerings to Berlin School aficionados as Kinetic Flow, Iridescence, and Par Avion. If you wonder why he isn't releasing more sequencer-based albums in recent years, in this episode you'll find the answer. Also, he discusses the new release from Spotted Peccary label As Dusk Becomes Night, his technical choices, the creative approach, and many more. Bonus: we will listen to an unreleased track and a special music mix.

audio interview (27 min.) + music mix (63 min.)


RUDY ADRIAN Official site:

RUDY ADRIAN on Spotted Peccary Music:


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