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STEVE ROACH: At the Edge of the Ineffable


A highly prolific and innovative composer, Grammy-nominated artist Steve Roach has established himself as a leading figure in Ambient music. His approach to music is a way of being alive, a functional necessity rather than a profession or career. That explains the massive, continuously growing discography (more than 150 albums to date) and the vitality of his dream. From this perspective, crafting soundworlds becomes an imperative process that is renewing itself organically.

Living most of his life in the desert, Roach had developed a nurturing connection with this environment. His natural home surroundings are a source of inspiration for immersive soundscapes that drive the listener's sense of time and space to the threshold of primordial awareness. He doesn't represent the desert in a descriptive musical manner, rather he captures the invisible forces, the hidden rhythms, and profound silences that occur in this space. Over the past 38 years, Steve Roach has developed sequencer-based compositions with futuristic aesthetic, explored tribal-ambient zones and unfolded majestically expansive meditations. Regardless of style, his music is the expression of uncompromised dedication and authenticity. Roach' substantial body of work has plenty to offer, just like a boundless sonic well that infuses our listening experience with meaning and beauty.

I am grateful and happy to share with you the first `Journeys to the Infinite' interview with Steve Roach, one of the musical heroes of our show. (34 min. interview + 63 min. music mix)





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