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SYMBOLICO: the alchemy of the divine purpose


With a steady flux of new names flooding the scene, it takes a special catalyst to rise beyond anonymity. Symbolico acts as an emergent force pushing the boundaries of psychedelic genre and achieving new forms of musical freedom. The man behind this project is Or Ron Stern, an Israeli artist always ready to blow your mind with groovy arrangements of pounding beats augmented by opulent basslines, mesmerizing ethnic vocals, and warped effects. On stage, he seems possessed by the burning ambition to get under your skin and move you from the inside out. A massive splash of energy and spiritual seduction flow in Symbolico's music. Although labeled as psychill, his style is full of driving rhythms, dancy vibes, and abounding vitality. The debut album `Connectika` shows his musical prowess hitting prodigious levels of production.

'Perceiving All', the second full-length release is coming out on November 21, 2019, on Merkaba Music label. When we recorded the interview, the upcoming album was in its incipient form so, the recent announcement of `Perceiving All` came as a big wonderful surprise. I sat down with Or Ron Stern to discuss his musical philosophy and experience and I hope that this podcast, although a delayed publication (due to the time needed for building our new site), sits well before the release date of Symbolico's new album.

Note: the beautiful cover of Symbolico's "Perceiving All" album is made by Gyuri Lohmüller, a self-educated painter born in Gataia, Romania, in 1962.


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